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Hi, my name is Justin (but everybody calls me “JB”) and I am the very proud founder and owner of My Man Bands.

Read on to find out a little more about us.

For many years I have had the great privilege of following my dream as a wedding photographer on the very beautiful tropical Hamilton Island where I fulfilled the role as the Photography and Videography Manager at Hamilton Island Weddings.

Over the years in my role as a wedding photographer, I have spoken with and photographed literally thousands of wonderful newlyweds and of course their wedding rings.

During many of my chats with my Brides and Grooms, the conversation about how and why they chose their wedding bands and their significance to them as a couple would often arise.

One of the points that the grooms would often make to me is that they really loved the ring that their partner had chosen for them but due to the work or active lifestyle that they would not be able to wear there wedding ring as much as they would have like to.

It was in one of these chats with my Bride and Groom that the groom told me that along with their traditional wedding Bands that they as a couple had also chosen for each other a set of Silicone Wedding Rings for them to wear when they were snowboarding, which was a favourite pastime that they shared.

And as with many things in our lives, this nugget of information stuck with me and after a lot of research, advice from my Friends and Family and with a lot of hard work My Man Bands was born.


If you have ever been to a wedding ceremony then you will know that the penultimate moment during each nuptials is the giving and receiving of the rings from partner to partner.

I firmly believe that the rings that we share with each other throughout our lives and loves are a real and tangible symbol of the joyous bond that is created and nurtured by two people.

My goal at My Man Bands is to continue that valued tradition by supplying my customers with quality, attractive and affordable wedding bands backed by impeccable and timely customer service.


Whether you’re looking for a traditional Wedding Ring as a symbol of your commitment to the person that you love or if you’re looking for a Silicone Ring that you can wear whilst your at work or out, living your active lifestyle you will find that My Man Bands has a variety of stunning rings to suit every budget.


We all know about your traditional precious metal Wedding Bands that are ofter made from gold, silver, platinum or titanium but what is a Silicone ring and what makes them the perfect Wedding Band to wear where whilst your out, living your active life.

Silicone is a hybrid polymer somewhere between plastic and rubber. It’s extremely flexible and durable and it is water and temperature resistant, all qualities that are perfect for a ring that you will wear every day often in conditions that would damage a traditional wedding ring.

Silicone is also nonstick and nonstaining which makes it easy to clean.

The base element of Silicone is silica which strangely is just sand in a simpler form. Beach sand and quartz are both basically pure silica.

Silicon is the base element that makes up silica and it is created by heating silica to super-high temperatures.

The Silicon is reacted with hydrocarbons that bond together to create the polymers that create the silicone resin.

Silicone is considered to be HYPOALLERGENIC which means that it contains very few allergy-producing substances known as allergens.

Which also makes silicone wedding bands the perfect wedding ring alternative for anybody who suffers from certain allergy reactions. as discussed in this article at Heathline.com

Silicone is also recyclable as it can be “down-cycled” into its fuel derived parts to be used as lubricants for example.

When you add together their flexibility, durability and resistance to heat and moisture, coupled with there hypoallergenic properties Silicone Rings are the ideal alternative to a more traditional wedding ring for today’s active lifestyle.


As I mentioned above for the greater part of my life I have been a professional photographer living on a tropical Island…I know it’s been a tough life right!!!

Before living on Hamilton Island (which for those of you who aren’t aware, Hamilton Island is situated 32 nautical miles off the coast of Nothern Queensland in Australia.) I lived and worked in the UK as I travelled extensively across Europe the Middle East and South-East Asia.

My passion for photography was my driving force behind my travels and I still plan photography trips to exotic locations as often as I can.

Following my passion as a photographer, I have also won a number of photographic awards that I am very proud of as well as having attained my Master’s in Photography from the Australian Institute of Professional Photography to which I am still a member.

My family also live on Hamilton Island and they play a very large ongoing and valued role in support of My Mans Bands business.


I foresee the My Man Bands label as being an ever-expanding and progressive business.

I believe that if you truly are passionate about something, as I am about My Man Bands, then it will be impossible for me not to continue to develop the Man Bands label with the same underpinning ethos of quality, attractive and affordable wedding bands backed by great customer service.


If you’ve gotten this far I want to thank you for taking the time to learn a little about us, our company philosophy and a little about what makes us tick.

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And if you do decide to purchase one of our many quality rings then I truly hope that it brings that special someone in your life much joy and happiness to wear.

Justin Blank


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